Thank you very much for visiting – I’m thrilled to have you here, and to introduce you to my new website. I’ve been working on this site for several years, behind-the-scenes, as I was also producing many other projects. As a very significant labour of love, I am pleased to present the new site. I would love to show you around a bit.

First, the Works section. This is where you’ll find most of my art, photography, books etc. I’ve put together a bunch of new Portfolios, each of which features photographs of a specific genre. Portfolios are also divided into colour and black-and-white sections. Along with Portfolios, you also now have access to all my Series released to-date. A series is a collection of works which I’ve created based on a singular concept and creative vision, which are explained in the statement provided for each series.

I’ve also made a page showing all my Books, many of which are available for purchase (though some are out of print and virtually unobtainable now). The Works section also features many examples of my photographic art presented in-situ, so you can see how finished works look when hung on the wall.

Next is the Events section, where you can see upcoming events—my own and those produced by others—in both list and calendar format.

The Services page describes my range of offerings in supporting the craft of other artists and photographers.

You can learn more about me, personally, and my creative practice on the About page.

The Blog, which you now are reading, is my blog—but also much more. You can also buy my quarterly printed magazine which contains new work, articles, special features and subscriber-only offers.

I hope you’ll enjoy exploring my new site and welcome your comments. Also, if you’re not already on my mailing list, be sure to subscribe to receive all the latest news and offers in your inbox!