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December 2023

Leipzig Layers
Print on A3 paper, Edition of 25
£35 GBP

During the spring of 2023 I was fortunate to visit, for the first time, the beautiful and enchanting city of Leipzig, Germany. I had looked forward to this for a long time, as I had been told of the city’s charm by close friends and artists, and had read enough to know of its remarkable history and residents.

On arriving in Leipzig by train, Ruth and I were immediately struck by the splendour of the architecture and the magnificent civil planning that had been established and evolved over the centuries. Leipzig is simply one of the most beautiful cities I’ve visited anywhere.

Even so, I’ve learned that a beautiful environment, in and of itself, does not always lend itself to the kind of picture-making that I most love to do.

While I certainly appreciate and enjoy architectural photography, I generally avoid it, as it feels too much like documenting someone else’s creative product. Street photography holds some appeal for me, but I usually prefer to make photographs that don’t include people… so my street photos often feel lifeless.

But for abstraction, I’ve rarely encountered a city that offers as much as Leipzig. I roamed the city streets over a couple of days, having an absolutely marvellous time making pictures.

The image I’ve selected for this month comes from outside a vacant retail shop, whose windows had been covered with coloured construction paper and plastic sheeting. I worked this scene for a very long time, designing all kinds of compositions and shooting in bursts while the plastic fluttered in the breeze. For an abstract photographer, it was a magical experience!

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