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October 2023

Abstract Photography: Artigianale IV: The Sultan's Mystique by Nat Coalson

The Sultan’s Mystique
Barcelona, Spain
Print on A3 paper, Edition of 25
£35 GBP

This photo was taken during the same photo trip as Monthly Edition 6 (Girona Ripples). Some years ago, I was hired to lead a private photography tour around Spain. It was an unforgettable experience!

We stayed several nights in the centre of Barcelona, a beautiful and energetic city full of visual stimuli. Our hotel had a wonderful old cellar where breakfast was served each day. As I sat eating, I marvelled at the ancient ceiling, with its multicoloured layers of patina accumulated over centuries of painting, peeling and repainting.

One morning after the breakfast service finished, we obtained permission to photograph in the cellars. Over a period of several hours I made many photographs, most with my camera pointed straight up. This is one of my favourites, and is now being released for the first time as a Limited Edition print.

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