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April 2023

Sutton Harbour No. 1
January 2023
Plymouth, England
Edition of 25

This photograph is one of a series of images I made during a trip to Plymouth, England in January 2023. Ruth and I had been to Plymouth a few times before, and during one of our trips discovered the beautiful and historic Sutton Harbour. I absolutely love seaside and maritime environments, especially for my abstract photography.

While wandering around the docks, I encountered huge stacks of lobster and crab pots, all stacked up and wrapped with cling film. The rain and sun combined to create wonderful, dewy condensation on the film, taking on the appearance of water.

When I find situations like this, I can spend hours deeply engrossed in my photography, exploring every nook and cranny to find the most intriguing compositions. This image stands out as one of my favourites from this particular shooting session.

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