Artist Statement

Happiness is influenced by the beauty of our surroundings. Yet sometimes the beauty around us goes unnoticed because it’s not obvious. The purpose of my abstract photography is extracting and sharing the hidden beauty found in natural and manmade environments. Travel, exploration and discovery drive my process; I make most of my photos outdoors using natural light.

Practicing rigorous essentialism, I work to reveal the sublime concealed within the ordinary. This requires slowing down, maintaining awareness and paying close attention to details. Serendipity and chance are intrinsic to the work; I’m exploring and exploiting the tension between chaos and order. This process actively connects me with my environment, my existence, my reality. And it always generates more questions than answers.

My abstract photographs often depict mundane objects, especially things not made to be pretty. Some present scenes that look intentionally designed but were not. Many of my pictures are visual fictions, appearing to show things other than what they actually are.

I make each photograph as finished as possible within the camera and apply only minimal post-processing. Using archival methods, the images are printed onto various substrates including fine art papers, canvas, fabric, wood and metal. To create my mixed media works, the prints are hand-embellished with paint, resin, gold leaf and other materials. The finished artworks are designed to enhance contemporary living spaces.

Appreciating art is about perception and personal response. In particular, contemplating abstract imagery inspires imagination and challenges your mind. By withholding information, an abstract photograph encourages you to finish the picture through your own interpretation. Rather than asking what it is, decide for yourself what the art means and how it makes you feel. This creates a subjective and engaging experience that can stimulate intellectual and emotional growth.

I’m not asking profound questions or making provocative statements with my work. When my art inspires you to think and wonder or evokes emotion, it’s making the connection I’m aiming for.

Through my art, I’m living life to the fullest and helping others do the same. It’s my greatest hope that you will become happier, too, by decorating your walls with my artworks.

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