About Nat Coalson Photographic Arts

Welcome! This is my main website, and a portal to access my other sites with specialist photo-art products and services. Here on you can see and learn about my work and book me for workshops and speaking events.

From my home base in the Midlands of England, I produce photographic fine art which is delivered to collectors and designers around the world and I travel internationally leading photo workshops and presenting at events.

I’m the owner of Gallery Photiq in Royal Leamington Spa, England, where you can view and buy my art along with works by fine art photographers from around the world.

I’ve spent my entire adult life working in the visual arts, starting out as a graphic designer at the age of 17 and ultimately producing print, web and video solutions for corporate clients. Since 2003 I’ve focused my career on the photographic arts, first with a passion for landscapes and nature photography and then evolving to pure abstraction.

Download my CV (PDF)

In addition to creating photographic fine art, I teach, speak and write about photography and digital imaging—I’ve published many instructional books which have been widely acclaimed and distributed globally. I’ve been teaching all aspects of photography for several decades and I love coaching photographers to develop their craft.

I exhibit frequently and also help photographers and artists show and sell their work through a range of services including digital fine art printing and exhibition consulting. Even in the digital age, I love printing—a photograph is not really finished until it’s been made into a fine print!

I collaborate with a number of select partners across the photography and imaging industries, including Epson, Adobe, X-Rite, Sony and others.

Get in touch here – let’s talk about how I can help you!

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