How to order

All photographs and artworks on are available for purchase, except portfolios of client-commissioned works.

Abstract photography reproductions are quoted custom.

Custom artworks and prints are produced to order. Some Limited Originals and other finished artworks may be purchased from existing inventory.

To purchase, please note the name or number of the work(s) and contact me directly.

Mixed Media Originals

Many of my abstract photographs are printed on canvas and then hand embellished using clear acrylic gels and texturing mediums and other materials. This produces one-of-a-kind, collectible, fine art works. Mixed media Originals are priced custom.

Some images are also available for licensing. Contact me for details.

We accept payment by credit card, check and other methods.

When ordering artwork, first choose from three basic formats:

  1. Digital image only: licensing for printing by your vendor, or for digital display
  2. Print only: for mounting and framing by your supplier
  3. Ready-to-hang: we will print and produce all framing/finishing for your order

Unlimited substrate options
Any of my artworks can be reproduced using any digital printing method—my imagery can be printed on an unlimited range of exotic substrates such as backlit film, fabric (including real silk) as well as being printed directly to aluminum, acrylic and even glass and wood.

  • Traditional photographic prints (photo and fine art papers)
  • Canvas (“giclée”)
  • Mixed media: Archival giclée hand-embellished with acrylic
  • Aluminum
  • Glass
  • Fabric, including real silk
  • Plexiglas and other acrylic
  • Backlit film (for mounting in a lightbox)
  • Wallpaper murals
  • Calendars, posters, postcards, mugs and other photo-art products
  • … and more!

We also produce DVDs for digital display.

Contact me today to discuss your options or to request a quotation for your project.

About the images

My artworks all begin as digital photographs. Most of the images you’ll find in the collections are straight photographs, with only minimal alteration or digital manipulation. Others are digital composites made by blending multiple photographs and some have had special treatments applied digitally.

Any size, any colour

Most of my images can be reproduced up to very large sizes while retaining the highest quality. Also, at your request, images can be colour adjusted or converted to black and white, sepia, etc., to conform to your design scheme. These image collections merely represent a starting point for fulfilling your ultimate vision for the artwork in your project.

I am also available for commissioned works.


Download our latest published price lists:

Retail Price List – USA
Retail Price List – UK

Trade partners and resellers: please contact us for information on wholesale pricing for the trade.

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“Nat has an eye for seeing amazing compositions in the world around us that most people would not notice. His abstract art truly amazes me. He is a master at bringing you into his images and delighting your senses.” –Monte Trumbull, Professional Photographer, Colorado, USA
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