New partnership with HG Arts

HG Arts LogoInterior designers working in hospitality now have a new resource for using my fine art photography in hotel interiors!

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve recently begun a new partnership with HG Arts, based in Orlando, Florida, to provide more exciting, original artwork for the hospitality industry.

The new collection, available exclusively through HG Arts, currently features nineteen of my fine art photographs selected specifically for inclusion in hospitality projects. Going forward, new images will be regularly added to the collection.

To see the work and get more details, click here to visit

Join our Pilot Program for New Art Display System

We’re currently conducting market research for an innovative new system for displaying personalized guestroom artwork. Designers and property managers are invited to apply for participation in the pilot program starting Summer 2014. Find out more about the program and participation requirements by contacting Nat directly at or by telephone at 720-936-1015 (US) or 07557 672217 (UK).

5 of my Favorite Nature Photographers

For many years I’ve marveled at—and learned from—the work of many talented photographers. I’d love for my readers to learn more about the work of these pros, so I’m starting a new blog series featuring my favorite photographers.

In each installment in the series, I’ll feature several photogs whose work I admire and enjoy. They all deserve recognition for their fine work and dedication to the craft, and I’ve had the honor of becoming good friends with some.

I’ll start by introducing five of my favorite American nature photographers. Check out the web site links for each; I hope you’ll like their photography as much as I do!

Monte Trumbull

Monte lives in the mountains of central Colorado, from where he frequently explores the country (especially around the Rockies and the American West) driving one of his tricked-out Jeeps. He’s a specialist in waterfall photography—I’ve never seen another photographer with so much outdoor gear designed for shooting waist deep in water!

Erik Stensland

With Rocky Mountain National Park out his back door, over the past 10 years Erik has become the pre-eminent photographer focusing on the area. He’s got a beautiful gallery in the town of Estes Park, Colorado, where he exhibits his fantastic imagery.

G. Brad Lewis

Aka ‘Volcanoman’, Brad divides his time between homes on the island of Hawai’i, Homer, Alaska and Park City, Utah. For the past thirty years or so, Brad has been known worldwide for his spectacular imagery of the volcanoes on the Big Island. His work has been featured in major publications including Time, Life and National Geographic, and his vast portfolio also includes beautiful nature images from around North America.

Bret Edge

Bret’s home is in Moab, Utah, where he also has a fine art gallery featuring his work. He’s been a professional photographer for many years and has boundless energy for the job; these days he leads lots of workshops and private tours in the area around Arches and Canyonlands… Bret knows the canyons and cliffs of the Utah backcountry as well as anyone!

Tony Sweet

One of the best-known photography instructors in the U.S. with many published books to his credit, Tony has a fantastic sense of design and his work has been an inspiration to me for a long time. He lives in Maryland, so most of his work is work is from around New England, but he also frequently traverses the country shooting and leading workshops in places like the Badlands, South Dakota and the Palouse in Washington State and even Cuba.

Of course, this list is just the beginning. There are many other photographers, working in nature and other disciplines, whose work I will bring to you in future articles.

As many of you know, I’ve always been passionate about nature photography; I got my start in photography working in the great outdoors of the Rocky Mountains. I’ve written a book, Nature Photography Photo Workshop, published by Wiley. If you enjoy photographing nature and want to improve your skills, check it out.

And as always, your comments and questions are welcome! Thanks for reading.

NEW Free Design Guide: Mixing Art & Matching Moods

Free Design Guide: Mixing Art & Matching MoodsAnyone who has been on a search for a new work of art knows how overwhelming and daunting it can be to find good art and choose the best piece for the intended space.

There are so many available options—at all price points—that sometimes it’s hard to know where to start!

The challenges are compounded for interior designers, who must adhere to a range of criteria for the proper selection of artwork in an interior scheme.

(Hint: when you’re doing a design project for a client, choosing art just because you personally like it doesn’t quite make the grade!)

Designers must balance the need for art that fits into the design scheme, pleases the client, emphasizes the mood you’re trying to create and meets the budget.

Unfortunately, in many cases, the solutions fall well short of optimal. We’ve all been in hotel rooms, corporate offices, healthcare facilities, etc. and marvelled at the atrocious art.

It doesn’t need to be this way! Whatever constraints a design project brings, you can source good art.

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