Nat Coalson Speaking at Pedestrian Gallery Reception

Pictures are my passion.

I’m an artist. We’re all artists. Some of us create art. All of us consume and enjoy it. Without art, life would be so bland.

More often than not, I’m referred to as a photographer. It’s a fair description. I’ve been shooting photos since I was a kid and selling them since people starting admiring them. I’ve written books about photography and teach photographic skills.

Commercial art and I go way back. At 17, I became a graphic artist and commercial printer. In the decade that followed, digital media advanced rapidly as did my skills in the profession. At 28, I founded a multimedia agency specializing in animation, multimedia and design services for companies who appreciated its potential.

A little over 10 years ago, digital photography seized control of my heart and soul. People responded enthusiastically to my exhibitions. Corporations and collectors bought my work. Aspiring shutterbugs attended my workshops and made my books bestsellers.

Shoot, I guess you can call me a photographer.

Don’t take this wrong. My camera and I are fond of each other. We shall never part.

However, today I’m a commercial artist specializing in creating custom art for interior designers and collectors. Though most pieces I create begin life as a digital image, many are output to special media and/or embellished with paint and textural media. I'm also making “studio glass”—abstract glass sculptures, many of which are inspired by my original photographs.

My mission is two-fold:

  • For you, my client, I aim to give you stunning artwork that works with your budget and designs and helps forward your career.
  • For your client, I aim to inspire them to say, “ooh” or “ahh” when they walk into a space you designed.

My work expresses all that I am.
> Check it out.

My clients may tell you what you’d like to know.
> See what they say.

I’m happy to discuss your art and design needs.

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People are talking…

“Wow, what a talent! It seems trite, but Nat has opened my eyes to abstract photography. Highly recommended.” –Efrain Cruz, President, Illuminate Workshops, Denver, Colorado, USA
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