Nat Coalson Speaking at Pedestrian Gallery Reception

Pictures are my passion.

I’m a lifelong artist, by choice and by training.

Without art, life would be so bland. (Same goes for interior spaces.)

More often than not, I’m referred to as a photographer. It’s a fair description. I’ve been shooting photos since I was a kid and selling them since people starting admiring them. I’ve written books about photography and have taught photographers the craft for many years.

Commercial art and I go way back. At 17, I became a graphic artist and commercial printer. In the decade that followed, digital media advanced rapidly and so did my skills in that area. At 28, I founded a multimedia agency specializing in animation, design and web development services for Fortune 500 companies.

Then, soon after the turn of the millennium, fine art photography captivated my heart and soul. People responded enthusiastically to my exhibitions. Collectors and corporations alike bought my work. Aspiring shutterbugs attended my workshops and made my books bestsellers.

Shoot, I guess you can call me a photographer.

My cameras and I are fond of each other and we shall never part.

But more than that, I’m a commercial artist specializing in creating custom art for interior designers and private collectors.

I'm a creator. I dream, I imagine, I make. I ask lots of questions, and I want to make a meaningful contribution to the world. But I'm also very practical, and believe there usually is one best way to solve most design problems.

My favorite kind of design is hospitality. I love collaborating with designers to create exceptionally beautiful hotel interiors—the kind that make guests feel welcome, happy and inspired.

My mission is two-fold:

  • For you, my dear client, I aim to provide stunning artwork that fits your budget, elevates your designs and helps you shine in your career.
  • For your clients, I want them to say, “ooh” and “ahh” and feel a rush of delight when they walk into a space you designed.

But no, I don’t do weddings. Sorry.


My work expresses all that I am.
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“With the keen eye and sensitivity of a Zen master, Nat Coalson's inspiring abstract photography elevates the ordinary into the extraordinary - bringing us one step closer to understanding the essential nature and essence of the subjects he is photographing. A very talented artist indeed!” –Daniel Stainer, Director of Marketing, Adams Manufacturing, Pennsylvania, USA
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