Nat-Coalson-Portrait-St-James-Opening-800pxShouldn’t your life be beautiful?

Art can reflect who you are. What’s more, it can shape you.

Our environments have a huge influence on how we feel.

So why not surround yourself with beauty?

Make my art your own

I’m Nat Coalson, an American artist with operations based in Colorado and England.

I create custom artworks for homes and businesses.

I use a combination of digital and traditional processes. All the works begin as photographs. Many are then embellished with paint, resin, foil and many other materials. Some are on canvas; others are mounted to metal, wood, fabric and other exotic substrates. I’m a designer at heart and love working with a smorgasbord of materials.

I design these mixed media artworks specifically as decor for contemporary living spaces and commercial interiors.  (My favorite projects are creating custom art for hotels and other hospitality properties.)

My art is about individual exploration, discovery and growth, driven by curiosity and questioning.

I strive to make art that inspires. Art that makes you think.

Abstract art is all about personal interpretation. So although my work is truly an expression of who I am, it’s also art that reflects who you are.

Personal. Individual. Independent. Subjective.

A life rooted in the arts

I became a professional artist and designer after spending my young life immersed in music and art (piano, trumpet, guitar… drawing, painting, airbrush illustration). My focus ultimately turned toward the visual aesthetic.

Beginning as a teenager, I worked as a graphic designer for two decades, mainly in digital imaging and printing. Then came the Web and multimedia. In 1998, I founded an interactive agency to develop web sites and digital media for global companies. This was during the boom years of the ‘Net; when the bubble burst, I decided to get back to basics: making pictures simply for other people to enjoy.

So around 2003, I set out on my path as a fine art photographer. And what a journey it’s been.

You can read a more detailed biography here

Images, imagination and inspiration

Starting out working in nature and landscape photography, I was most inspired by Ansel Adams and William Neill. The images and writing of Galen Rowell, John Paul Caponigro and Freeman Patterson also had a profound influence on my work.

Over time—and drawing on my background in the graphic arts—I moved decidedly toward abstraction. I found inspiration in Man Ray’s photography, Gerhard Richter’s mixed media and the daring works of early impressionist and abstract expressionist painters.

Now, I work to create simple, graphic pictures that engage the heart and mind of every individual who sees them, each for different reasons. I love imagery that tricks the mind and makes us wonder, revealing who we are as individuals. (You can read more about all this in my Artist Statement.)

My works have been widely exhibited and are held in private and corporate collections, along with commercial installations, around the world. I’ve also published several books on photography.

Art is life

When you want the most from life, art isn’t an afterthought. It’s intrinsic. Essential.

So this is my world… connecting with yours.

This is living, made lovelier.

Thanks for being here.


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Nat's book "Astratto Uno" features over 150 abstract photographs made over a period of nine years. You can get it in printed format or as a downloadable PDF.
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“Creating successful abstract imagery is not easy. It takes a unique skill set including treatment of color, creation of a sense of movement, strong form and shape, and balance. Nat's abstract work is refreshing and he is one of the best practitioners out there!” –Tony Sweet, Professional Photographer, Maryland, USA
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