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Art. It’s probably the last thing you place in the room, but the first thing guests notice. As a designer, you know beauty is in the details. You have a vision. And you realize it’s not complete until the walls are adorned with truly unique artwork.

You’ve come to the right place. Nat Coalson Fine Art + Design creates custom photographic art to put the ultimate finishing touch on the hospitality, healthcare, corporate and residential spaces you design.

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“I’m a believer that there is great beauty in simplicity. Nat Coalson’s abstract photography and art are great examples of such beauty. With sharp tones and colours, Nat’s art adds that finishing touch to any room. Large or small, his pieces are compelling and calming at the same time.” –Diane Paz, 1point0 Design, Toronto, Canada

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We’ve assembled a portfolio of many of my favorite works. Imagine these pieces or something I’ll soon shoot decorating your next design.

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Meet Nat Coalson.

Nat-Coalson-Portrait-Blue-Circle-125x125I’m Nathaniel, a visual artist dedicated to providing you fine art photography and abstract mixed media that tickles your neurons and stirs the soul.

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The Blog

blogFor obvious reasons, images dominate my blog. However, I do like to toss around abstract and thought-provoking ideas.

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Enjoy some delicious eye candy.

I’ve created a large collection of my favorite abstract images and offer it in eBook form as a gift to you.

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Free Design Guide

mixing-matching-coverEveryone who has been on a search for a new work of art knows how overwhelming and daunting it can be to find good art and choose the best piece for the intended space.

The challenges are compounded for interior designers, who must adhere to a range of criteria for the proper selection of artwork in an interior scheme. Designers must balance the need for art that fits into the design scheme, pleases the client, emphasizes the mood you're trying to create and meets the budget.

We've all been in hotel rooms, corporate offices, healthcare facilities, etc. and marvelled at the atrocious art. It doesn't need to be this way! Whatever constraints a design project brings, you can source good art. But with an infinite range of viable options, how to choose the absolute best art for the job?

Like all good design, you can use a methodology to determine if a given work of art meets the defined criteria. To help begin to address these concerns, I've recently written a new guide for designers (and art lovers of all kinds) with tips and techniques for using art as interior wall decor. This free PDF provides a foundation for making better decisions when it comes to selecting art for interior design projects.

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Nat’s photograph of Yorkshire Dales featured in ADSA television ad

London agency VCCP licensed one of Nat's landscape photographs of the Yorkshire Dales region of England. The picture is being used in an Easter TV promotion for grass fed lamb from supermarket chain ASDA. Click below to watch the video stream from YouTube.